Nuuanu Y’s Men and Women’s Club had a very successful bread and book sale on Saturday  April 7. Cinnamon bread for $5 a loaf and all kinds of great books at various prices. in the pictures below: Cheryl Dacus and Celine Allouchery with satisfied customer Mile Broderick, president and CEO of YMCA of Honolulu. On the right, the Nuuanu club’s team taking a breather. Club President Maurice Shimonishi had these comments: Book Sale – a product that sells itself! The buyers are happy as they give gifts from their heart. Nuuanu made $800 from the book sale — no selling by any members. A big box was left out a month before the sale announcing the coming event and saying donatio0ns of books gladly accepted, On sale day members out all the books on tables. Members did no selling — the books did the selling themselves. We left with $300 after which we put up a sign “please make your donation to the service center saturday afternoon, Sunday, Monday morning. We got another $500, a total of $800 for the book sale. Try it. You ay like the results. PS: If you hold your sale after us we would gladly give you the 14 boxes of unsold books.