About Us

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, USA in 1922 to support a local YMCA, Y’s Men International is now oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA, the largest non-governmental youth organization, and through it the communities in which it is present throughout the world. Since the YMCA is usually known as “the Y” in the USA, and as the Y’s Men movement started there as a club of ‘men of and for the Y”, it was named the “Y’s Men’s Club.

Judge Paul William Alexander (pictured) was the founder of the first club together with a group of other young men. However, today women are also full members of our movement and family participation is encouraged in numerous activities. Since 1995 local affiliated clubs wishing to emphasize the openness can choose to call themselves “Y’s Men and Women’s Clubs’ or “Y Service Clubs”. Members are known as Y’s Men or Y’s Women.

There are 1,580 clubs, 30,395 members in 70 countries. In Hawaii there are nine Y Service Clubs, six on Oahu and one each on Hawaii island, Kauai and Maui, and each works closely with its local YMCA.

Our Purpose

To be a worldwide fellowship of men and women of all faiths working together in mutual respect and affection, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, and with a common loyalty to the Young Men’s Christian Association, striving through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all mankind.

Our Objectives

  • To function primarily as service clubs for the YMCA and Youth.
  • To support other worthy organizations.
  • To encourage justice in civic and international affairs, abstaining always from party politics.
  • To keep members informed on, and actively involved in religious, civic, economic, social and international matters.
  • To cultivate good fellowship.
  • To support International, Area and Regional projects of Y’sdom

Our Direction

  • The Y Service Clubs (also known as Y’s Men and Y’s Women) reflect the original concept of the YMCA – people concerned about their fellow human beings.
  • Y’s Men and Y’s Women receive continuing orientation in all YMCA programs.
  • Our desire to alleviate human crises helps people make the Y a great community servant meeting urgent human needs.
  • Each Y Service Club provides the potential for greater international understanding because it is linked with clubs around the world in an ever-increasing fellowship.

Our Mission

International Y’s Men Mission Statement

As Y’s Men International (also called Y Service Clubs International) is a worldwide fellowship of persons of all faiths working constructively together, based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, in partnership with and supporting the YMCA, its mission is to strive through active service to develop, encourage and provide leadership to build a better world for all humankind.

Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs Mission Statement

The Hawaii Region Y Service Clubs (Y’s Men & Women’s Clubs), in partnership with the YMCA, shall provide leadership initiatives that contribute to stronger individuals, clubs, communities and a better world.

Operating Principles

The Y Service Clubs of the Hawaii Region is a voluntary organization whose primary focus is to support the priorities of the local YMCAs and the needs of the community.
Through the sharing of leadership as a group, the evolution of leaders in our movement is based on planned involvement of current members.
Y Service Clubs International is an organization that is inclusive and welcomes the diversity that exists within its communities.
The clubs of the Hawaii Region of Y Service Clubs International (Y’s Men) value each member’s talents and skills.